50 Positive Affirmations for Knee Pain

Are you struggling with Knee pain, then listen to these 50 positive affirmations for knee pain and injury.

If you suffer from knee pain you understand how debilitating and sometimes frightening it may be. It frequently retains our anxieties of going forward in our own lives, lack of confidence, lack of psychological stability, feeling trapped, holding on to the past, frustration and unresolved psychological issues inside them.

Fear of going forward, confusion, inflexibility, anger, bitterness, frustration, decision and blame are some of the psychological problems that include knee pain.

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List of 50 Positive Affirmations for Knee Pain

Affirmations for knee pain
Affirmations for knee pain

These 50 positive affirmations for knee pain will help support your knee healing process, release all negative emotions affecting your knees and prepare your subconscious mind to receive & accept positive affirmations.

  1. My knees move freely and easily
  2. My knees support me securely
  3. My knees are strong
  4. I am free to move forward
  5. It is easy to let go of everything that no longer serves me
  6. Thank you pain, thanks for being my teacher
  7. I’m listening and learning from my pain
  8. My healing is already in process
  9. I move forward with grace and ease
  10. I am stable and well balanced
  11. I am perfectly aligned
  12. I am safe and secure
  13. I am loved and supported
  14. I lovingly allow joy and good health to flow through my mind and body
  15. My knees are strong and healthy
  16. My knees support me easily and effortlessly
  17. I am safe and loved and totally supported
  18. I embrace change
  19. I am strong and flexible
  20. I deserve to be pain-free
  21. I no longer carry responsibilities that are not mine
  22. I can choose to love my pain now because I know love is more powerful and will help my pain heal
  23. I willingly release the past, it is safe for me to let go, I am free
  24. I welcome my pain and invite it in; I am working in partnership with my pain
  25. to find peaceful solutions to resolving it
  26. I am thriving
  27. I am healthy
  28. I am strong and fit
  29. I love this new feeling of flexible freedom
  30. I easily stand up for myself now
  31. I relax and let go of the pressure
  32. I easily maintain my standing
  33. I embrace humility
  34. My self-esteem and confidences are soaring now
  35. I am balanced and dignified
  36. I am flexible and flowing
  37. I move forward with confidence and joy
  38. I have good knees
  39. Actually, I have great knees.
  40. My knees are fabulous shock absorber.
  41. With every breath I take, I am sending love, gratitude and healing to my knees
  42. Thank you knees for everything you fo for me
  43. I am peace, I am love
  44. All is well
  45. I’m grateful the battle is over
  46. I’m grateful for my healing
  47. I choose peace and happiness now
  48. I am now choosing to create a body to love and support me
  49. I am willing to look at other issues in my life once the pain is gone
  50. I’m choosing peace every day regardless of how much pain is there
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